Employee Benefits

If you work for a small or large employer, you likely have some benefits as a team member or employee.  Some employers will offer more benefits than others, and even if you are self-employed there are some benefits of which you can take advantage as well.  These benefits may be in the form of a […]

Password Overload!

In today’s internet world, you’re required to have a password for virtually everything you do online. As you move more and more of your day-to-day activities online (i.e. bill pay, online banking, vehicle registration, health care, taxes – the list is endless) comes the need to set up another username and password. The challenge with […]


In continuing our series of Financial Planning 101… Due to the time of the year we’re in, you are probably getting some mail labeled, “Important Tax Document Enclosed.” Some folks wait until they have all this information, and if daring enough, begin to prepare their own tax return. To that, I say, “Good luck!” Otherwise, […]

College Savings & Financial Aid

College Savings Saving for college is a major expense, and unfortunately, it isn’t getting any cheaper as college tuition continues to rise at a rate of about twice the core inflation factor.  There are many ways to save for college (529 Plan, Roth IRA, Savings Account, ESA, etc.), but what is considered the best tool […]

Insurance Options

To continue our series on Financial Planning 101, we’d like to offer some thoughts on insurance. There are many different types of insurance one can obtain, but we all have different views on the needs or important of insurance to each of us.  The need analysis is a critical step to determine if a product […]

Thinking of Buying a Home?

The first consideration when thinking of buying a home should be to consider buying versus renting and which makes more sense. A few main points to review here could sway you either way: How long to you plan to be in the home? A good general rule of thumb is at least 5 years. Who […]

Keys to Building A Successful Budget

The dreaded budget.  It’s kind of like exercising — we all know we should do it but find reasons and excuses to avoid it.  Since we all know budget is a good thing, the focus of this post will center on effective ways to maintain a useful and updated budget. Here are some keys to […]

Continued Weak Outlook for Gold Prices

After Steep Fall, Gold Prices Continue to Face an Uphill Climb “Nobody really understands gold prices and I don’t pretend to understand them either.” –Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman Gold became one of the in vogue investments over the last decade as gold prices more than tripled from 2005 to 2011 when it hit a […]

Teaching Your Kids A Financial Lesson

With 2013 graduation season in full swing, we want to wish the young folks going off to college or on to their next step the best of luck and success in their future endeavors.  One essential skill that isn’t necessarily taught in school is personal finance.  It’s almost ironic that money management, which has a […]

Strong Dollar = Strong America = Tax Cut

The currency market behaves and trades very much like the stock market, even though it is often misunderstood and overlooked.  In fact, today the stock and currency markets are very much interconnected and each can have a tremendous impact on the other independently.  While the media and politicians will attribute the recent stock rally to […]